Admire God’s wisdom

(Christopher Sturm, “Reflections” 1750-1786)  LISTEN to audio! Download audio

“When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have set in place, what is man that You are mindful of him, the son of man that You care for him?” Psalm 8:3-4

Could we transport ourselves above the moon, or reach the highest star above our heads, we would instantly discover new skies, stars, suns, systems, and perhaps more magnificently adorned! But even there the vast dominions of our great Creator would not terminate. We would then find, to our astonishment, that we had only arrived at the borders of the works of God! Admire God's wisdom

It is but little that we can know of His works, but that little should teach us to be humble, and to admire God’s wisdom, power and goodness. How great must that Being be . . .
who produced these immense globes out of nothing,
who regulates their courses, and
whose mighty hand directs and supports them all!

What is this clod of earth which we inhabit,

with all the magnificent scenes it presents to us, in comparison of those innumerable worlds? Were this earth annihilated, its absence would no more be observed than the removal of a grain of sand from the vast sea shore! What then are all our fine homes and belongings, when compared with those infinite worlds? They are but atoms dancing in the air, which are revealed to us by the sunbeams!

What then am I, when reckoned among the infinite number of God’s creatures? I am lost in my own nothingness!

But as little as I appear in this respect, I find myself great in others. There is great beauty in this starry skies which God has chosen for His throne! How admirable are those celestial bodies! I am dazzled with their splendor, and enchanted with their beauty! But notwithstanding this, however beautiful, and however richly adorned, yet this sky is void of intelligence. It is a stranger to its own beauty, while I, who am mere clay molded by a divine hand, am endowed with sense and reason. I can contemplate the beauty of these shining worlds. Nay, more, I am already, to a certain degree, acquainted with their sublime Author. By faith I see some small rays of His divine glory.

O may I be more and more acquainted with His works and make the study of them my employ, until by a glorious change I rise to dwell with Him above the starry regions!

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