Profound spiritual wisdom

“My voice shall You hear in the morning, O Lord;
in the morning will I direct my prayer unto You,
and will look up.” Psalm 5:3

(from Octavius Winslow’s, “Morning Thoughts”)

“The first thing I do when I awake in the morning,”
remarks a saint of God, “is to ask the Holy
Spirit to take possession of my mind, my imagination,
my heart, directing, sanctifying, and controlling my
every thought, feeling, and word.”

What profound spiritual wisdom is there in this conception!

“In the morning will I direct my prayer unto You, and will look up.”

Look up!

Ah! here is the true and befitting attitude of the spiritual soul.

Looking up for the day’s supply….
of grace to restrain, Profound spiritual wisdom
power to keep,
wisdom to guide,
patience to suffer,
meekness to endure,
strength to bear,
faith to overcome,
love to obey, and
of hope to cheer.

Jesus stands at the Treasury of Infinite grace, ready
to meet every application, and to supply every need.

His fullness is for a poor, needy, asking people.

He loves for us to bring the empty vessel.

Dear reader, let your first thought be of God, and
your first incense be to Jesus, and your first prayer
be to the Holy Spirit, and thus anointed with fresh
oil, you will glide serenely and safely through the
day, beginning, continuing, and ending it with God!

~  ~  ~  ~

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