True food of the soul!

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True food of the soul!

Two learned doctors were angrily disputing the nature of food, and allowing their meal to lie untasted; while nearby, a simple farmer was eating heartily of that which was set before him.

Just so, the religious world is full of quibblers, critics, and debaters, who, like the doctors, argue over religious controversies, without profit either to themselves or others. Those are far happier, who imitate the farmer–and Feed upon the Word of God, which is the true food of the soul. True food of the soul

Questioning with honesty and candor is not to be condemned, when the object is to “prove all things, and hold fast that which is good.” But to treat Scripture as if it were a football to be kicked from man to man, is irreverence, if not worse!

Study the Word of God; lay hold upon it, and spend your time in feasting upon precious truth​! Reader, remember that communion with the Lord Jesus gives infinitely more enjoyment than disputing can ever afford you. Eat, don’t argue!

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In his hands

“In proportion as the dear crucified Savior
reigns in your soul, and his beauties ravish
your heart; in that proportion you feel that
all is safe because you are in his hands.”

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(Letters of John Newton)

“The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms!” Deuteronomy 33:27

Oh, how pleasant to lean upon an almighty arm, and to commit ourselves without anxiety to the guidance of infinite wisdom and love!

“This God is our God for ever and ever! He will be our guide even unto death!” Psalm 48:14
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