showers of blessing

(Charles Spurgeon)“I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing.” Ezekiel 34:26 Here is sovereign grace, “I will send down showers.” Is it not sovereign, divine mercy–for who can say, “I will send down showers,” except … Continued

The most valuable thing

(J.C. Ryle, “Light from Old Times” 1902)  LISTEN to audio!  Download audio The good that was done by the Bible will probably never be known until the last day. But I shall never hesitate to assert that if there is any one … Continued

He gives us more grace!

(“Every Day!” Author unknown, 1872) “He gives us more grace!” James 4:6 Come, then, my soul, to Him–as an empty vessel to be filled. A supply is waiting for you in Christ Jesus. “It has pleased the Father that in Him should … Continued