Roll burdens upon God

Spurgeon, “Multitudinous Thoughts and Sacred Comforts” Your present sorrow is the bitter bud of greater joy. Your transient loss secures your ultimate and never ceasing gain. How I rejoice to believe that the Lord shall choose my inheritance for me! … Continued

Nothing but a bit of dust

(Charles Spurgeon) “Cast your burden on the Lord–and He will sustain you.” Psalm 55:22 Cast your troubles where you have cast your sins. You have cast your sins onto Jesus–cast your troubles there also! As soon as the trouble comes, … Continued

Cast upon Him burdens

(from Winslow’s, “The Broken Heart Bound Up”) What is your sorrow? Take your bereaved, stricken and bleeding heart to Him, and rest it upon His, once bereaved, stricken and bleeding, too; for He knows how to bind up the broken … Continued

Roll your burdens upon God

(Charles Spurgeon, “Multitudinous Thoughts and Sacred Comforts”) LISTEN to audio! Download audio Remember that your way is ordered by a higher power than your will and choice. The eternal destiny of God has fixed your every footstep. Believe that wisdom, … Continued

The life of faith

(Octavius Winslow, “Go to Jesus”) Then Jesus said, “Come to Me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 The life of faith is a constant coming to Jesus for … Continued

He cares for you

(Octavius Winslow) “Casting all your care upon Him — because He cares for you!” 1 Peter 5:7 How full of soothing and repose are these words! Where, in the world’s wilderness, grows the flower of heart’s-ease, as it blooms and blossoms here! … Continued

when the burdens are too heavy

(J.R. Miller, “The Glory of the Commonplace”) God can take the broken fragments of a life, shattered by sorrow — and out of them make a new life whose music shall thrill many hearts. If one is discouraged, if the life … Continued