Our numberless mercies!

.(Charles Simeon)  LISTEN to Audio!   Download Audio “My mouth shall tell of Your righteousness and Your salvation all the day long, though their number is past my knowledge!” Psalm 71:15 David penned this Psalm and gave it to the church, … Continued

Fears of future trials

(“The Marvelous Riches of Savoring Christ, The letters of Ruth Bryan“ May 8, 1852) “Give us today our daily bread.” Matthew 6:11 Whatever your heavenly Father calls you to, He will support you under. But He will not give the … Continued

A cluster of mercies

(Charles Spurgeon)  Play Audio!  Download Audio I trust in the mercy of God forever and ever!” Psalm 52:8 Meditate a little on the mercy of God. It is tender mercy. With gentle, loving touch, He heals the broken in heart, … Continued

Divine benefits received

LISTEN to audio!  Download audio (You will find it helpful to listen to the audio above, as you read the text below.) “God has shown kindness by giving you rain from heaven and crops in their seasons; He provides you … Continued

O what losses and crosses

(“Solitude Sweetened” by James Meikle, 1730-1799)  LISTEN to audio!  Download au​dio​ “Mankind is born for trouble as surely as sparks fly upward.”  (Job 5:7) O, what losses and crosses, sorrows and distresses, uncertainties and anxieties, do mankind labor under! Godly wisdom will … Continued

All your trials are mercies!

(James Smith, “The Believer’s Companion in Seasons of Affliction and Trouble” 1842) “You are my portion, O Lord!” Psalm 119:57 This is the language of every Christian’s heart and life! The generality of the Lord’s family are poor in this world … Continued