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Short pithy gems from John Newton

All shall work together for good.
Everything is needful, that He allows.
Nothing can be needful, that He withholds.

~  ~  ~  ~

For the most part, the Lord’s children are a poor and afflicted people.
The Lord chooses poverty as the safest state for them in this ensnaring world.

   ~  ~  ~  ~

Blessed are we, when we can clearly see that every event and circumstance of our lives, is under the immediate direction and appointment of Him who cares for us, and who has engaged that all things shall, notwithstanding all our doubts and misgivings, work together for our good.

~  ~  ~  ~

We know not how to properly appreciate any one blessing–until we are deprived of it.

~  ~  ~  ~

The whole of our profession may be comprised in looking unto Jesus–to take our eyes off from other objects, especially from ourselves, and to fix them upon Him!

~  ~  ~  ~

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    I would like to read your devotionals here rather than get another email in my in box. I hope you’ll post more and frequently!


      Thanks for writing! Good suggestion! I will do that…check under Devotional for new posts

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  1. I just read the poem “One Day at a Time” in one of your June devotionals, the 24th, I think. It was so true and so thoughtful. I think we might have lost the joy and art of thoughts through poetry. It was so on target in a brief and melodic format. I look forward to more poems; thanks for posting it. -CH

    1. Thanks so much! I will look for more poetry devotionals. 🙂

  2. Perfect words at a time MOST needed…HE is SUFFICIENT!!!!

    1. Thankful they helped! Thanks for sharing. aj

  3. God’s Glory is both our strength and our peace. We can have neither in His absence.

    1. AMEN and AMEN!!! aj

  4. Coming to know our Father’s full Being we learn to see Him in everything because HE is EVERYTHING! The truth and proof of His Omnipresence and Omnipotence is the Glory of His power, His Majesty, His strength, His wisdom, His beauty and His love shown and proven minute by minute thruout His universe.

    1. So well said! THANK YOU! aj

  5. NOTHING by chance …TYL!!! In HIM and thru HIM all is perfect….just the way HE designed it to be.

    1. Such a great relief, especially as we face each day and trial. Thank you for sharing! aj

  6. We pray in confidence for God is our Father and He wants to share EVERYTHING with us….TYL!

    1. It’s is so encouraging to think He wants to share with US! Good wisdom words! aj

  7. Come to Him as children. Our prayers need only be simple expressions of our hearts both in joy and sorrow. Our Father wants to hear from us in ALL things….in ALL ways….ALWAYS! Thanks you for reminding us aj.

    1. You’re welcome! I’m blessed to know they are good reminders…for me, too! aj

  8. Wonderful reminder in ALL your devotionals aj. The essence of all is we live by Faith not by sight. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I’m blessed that they are helpful! Thanks for letting me know. aj

  9. Knowing our Savior is there ready to hold us and cover us with His perfect peace ….what better way to stand against this world we are forced to endure. Thank you aj for this blessed reminder.

    1. Knowing our Savior is always there gives us hope in our darkest days and we can persevere in Him. Thanks for sharing! aj

  10. HE is our solution in this fallen world. Simple words but impactful. The worlds sinful nature cannot be assessed by any other than our Father. We certainly are incapable of judging ourselves for our first desire is to gratify self…not glorify God. Thank you for the thoughtful words of reflection aj.

    1. Good point, CJ, of us being incapable of judging ourselves! Thanks for sharing! aj

  11. Thank you for the reminder aj….HE CARES! In these times of anger, unrest, lies and deceit there is no greater comfort than knowing HE CARES!!!!! Where would our hearts be without this knowledge of His love?

    1. AMEN, well said! And good question we should all ponder. aj

  12. Excellent reminder aj….we all need so many. Our true happiness is much more than a state of mind….it is found in our state of Spirit…..HIS! Thank you for the blessing. It is so well reflected in your book in all the adversity you were faced with. A true affirmation God in our lives and hearts.

  13. Thank you for your encouraging words re my upcoming book! I pray many will be helped through it and see their lives going from trials to triumph and having peace through pain. aj

  14. Thank you aj for the blessing of HIS word. We are ALWAYS learning to praise Him at ALL times for ALL things. Sometimes we just wish we could graduate a little sooner. But then again His timing is prefect…just as HE is perfect.

    1. YES…we don’t always see His timing as being perfect…but there is where trust and faith comes in. Thank for your sharing! aj

  15. WONDERFUL TRUTH! ALL not some. God’s Word is/must be perfect because HE is perfect. in the absence of HIS perfection there is no truth to His promises. Thank you for the reminder aj….the world needs to submit to serve.

  16. Thank you aj for the reminder we all need daily. HE is our PORTION and for that I can THANK HIM!

    1. So often I’m tempted to rely on myself when He wants me to rely on Him…AT ALL TIMES! Thanks for writing. aj

  17. PERFECT! When I look at the world around us today all there appears to be is self-gratification. It leaves little room for us to know our Father as our EVERYTHING. Wonderful blessing …be blessed.

    1. Yes, He really is our everything. So many look to the world or self (as you state). Thanks for your comment! aj

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