Preview of upcoming book…LOVINGLY BROKEN!  Psalm 51:17 Our Trials: God’s Victories

Where was God? My stories show why I followed Him when life gave lemons. Life seemed to be an uphill  battle all the way—I didn’t know that it was uphill to victory.

Each chapter begins with a personal example, and others may have experienced, too. What lesson did God teach through each trial? It is a hopeful book for those struggling with life’s challenges and includes questions at the end for thoughtful reflection or group study.

Thankful…Seriously? opens with college injury that significantly reshaped life plans. Next, a life-altering car accident caused me to question my faith and trust in God. Is it possible to be thankful?

Storm of Terror follows a cross-country move in May where family suddenly finds themselves stranded in an unexpected snow storm. Where do we turn when afraid?

O Ye Of Little Faith describes a faith action which was severely tested. Will we doubt or step out in faith?

Life Sentence describes the journey with a sister’s terminal cancer. How is life changed when faced with devastating loss? Will we accept a new direction?

The “Ants” chapter describes a time when depression consumed after a life-threatening illness and several years of rehab. Does God really work all things together for good?

InYou Want Me To Do What?relates a humorous example of what many face when asked to pray out loud for the first time. How will God use our fears?

Mourning Into Dancing describes a difficult season of separation and divorce. Can God use intense pain to bring joy again? This includes an example of God’s grace while serving the mentally challenged. How will He use our pain?

Evil Defeated depicts how God used years of abuse, and taught how to deal with an abuser. The profound ending will encourage others who have been, or are being, abused.

Though He Slay Me  opens with a crash, TV news crews, a court case, and a blaring security alarm. Terror penetrated life! Where was God?

Thorns describes trials, one right after the other. “What is God’s purpose for us in persevering?” Can we encourage other weary pilgrims on the path of suffering when all seems hopeless?

Why Are You Cast Down? describes an adult child who walked away from her faith; her journey into alcohol, drugs and a cult; and the unexpected twist at the end. Do we entrust our children to God?

In His Image A mom lived out her faith in practical (sometimes humorous) ways, including a memorable 80th birthday choice. It includes a challenging example of Proverbs 31 lived out during separation and divorce. Are we a reflection of God’s image?

Blessings Seen and Unseen exemplifies God’s Hand of provision through frustration, need, fear, mercy, and prayer. Do we see God orchestrating our lives in the everyday?

Counting the Cost shares taking a stand for Jesus through two stories: one at church with a corrupt pastor, and one at work with a less-than-honorable office manager. Are we willing to honor Him no matter the cost? 

God’s Big Picture identifies three stories of God behind the scenes when life was interrupted. Does God really control everything?

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