Sweet encouragement

(James Smith, “Light for Dark Days” 1855)  Play Audio!  Download Audio “Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows!” John 16:33 Every Christian should expect a daily cross, something to try his graces, render the promises necessary, make … Continued


(James Smith, “Paul’s Determination” 1861)  Play Audio!  Download Most men have some favorite subject, and Paul had his. Many subjects were embraced in his ministry–but one fixed his eye, filled his heart, and occupied most of his attention. We may … Continued

What an encouragement

(James Smith, “Comfort for the Christian”) “Your heavenly Father knows that you have need of all these things!” Matthew 6:32 The Lord Jesus, as the great teacher, is instructing His disciples in the doctrine of divine providence, and teaching them … Continued

when the burdens are too heavy

(J.R. Miller, “The Glory of the Commonplace”) God can take the broken fragments of a life, shattered by sorrow — and out of them make a new life whose music shall thrill many hearts. If one is discouraged, if the life … Continued