This hope of Heaven

(J. R. Miller, “Glimpses of the Heavenly Life” 1908)  LISTEN to audio!  Download audio No earthly language is adequate to describe the blessedness, the joy, the happiness of Heaven! Perhaps no human word gathers and holds in itself so much of the truest meaning of Heaven, … Continued

There yet is hope in God!

(edited from Octavius Winslow’s “Hoping in the Lord”) How sweet and assuring is the trust of a child in a parent’s love, care, and protection. Such a Father is ours! We may trust in His forgiveness, to cancel our greatest … Continued

Patience calmly waits

(edited from Thomas Reade’s, “Divine Sovereignty”) There is something peculiarly soothing to the heart of a pious Christian; to know that He who rules over all worlds, in whose hands are the destinies of nations, and who guides the minutest … Continued