Joy and sorrow

(Octavius Winslow, “My Father’s Way Right!“)  LISTEN to Audio!  Download Audio “He led them forth by the right way, that they might go to a city of habitation.” Psalm 107:7 The believer is as much to live upon the grace … Continued

Sorrow turned into joy

(James Smith, “The Pastor’s Evening Visit”) “Your sorrow shall be turned into joy!” John 16:20 The sorrow of the Christian must be transient. Because It is like the passing cloud on the summer’s day; or the chill of winter which … Continued

What a source of joy

(by Octavius Winslow) What a source of joy you have in Jehovah amid the joyless, sorrowful path you may tread. There is everything in Him to make you happy. Everything to win your confidence, to inspire your love, to awaken … Continued

He does all things well

(Letters of John Newton) My dear friend, ​I​ rejoice exceedingly in the Lord’s goodness, enabling you to be resigned and satisfied with His will, despite all the feelings and pinchings of flesh and blood. If you can now believe and say, … Continued

On the day I called He answered

(J.R. Miller, “The Shining Light” 1911) “As your days — so shall your strength be!” Deuteronomy 33:25 Strength was not promised in advance — enough for all of life, or even for a year, or for a month. The promise … Continued

Divine comfort overcoming sorrow

(J.R. Miller, “The Secret of Gladness”) LISTEN to audio!  Download audio (You will find it helpful to listen to the audio above, as you read the text below.) “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” Philippians … Continued

I am sighing for Jesus

(James Smith, “Sighing for Jesus!” 1858) “As the deer pants for streams of water–so my soul pants for you, O God! My soul thirsts for God, for the living God! When can I go and meet with God?” Psalm 42:1-2 I have just been … Continued

radiating peace and joy

(John MacDuff, “Thoughts for the Quiet Hour”, 1895)   “If I have not love, I am nothing.” 1 Corinthians 13:2 What absolute devotion of a beautiful soul that loses itself in the hallowed mission of radiating peace and joy and sympathy all around. When other​s​ have failed to charm, many … Continued

Sorrow shall be turned into joy…

(James Smith, “The Pastor’s Evening Visit”) “Your sorrow shall be turned into joy!” John 16:20 The sorrow of the Christian must be transient. It is like the passing cloud on the summer’s day; or the chill of winter which must give place to the genial warmth of … Continued

As though it had never been!

an(Octavius Winslow, “Morning Thoughts”) Child of God, soon, oh, how soon! all that now loads your heart with care, and wrings it with sorrow; all that dims your eye with tears, and renders the day anxious and the night sleepless; … Continued