What a promise is this!

(Maria Sandberg, “Glimpses of Heaven!” 1880) LISTEN to audio!  Download audio “They will see His face!” Revelation 22:4 What a promise is this! We shall see the face of God and the Lamb who was slain for us! And shall … Continued

The promise of promises

(Octavius Winslow, “Christ is Ever With You!” 1863) “Lo, I am with you always — even unto the end of the world!” Matthew 28:20 Whose presence is thus promised and pledged? It is the presence of Christ! The Christ who … Continued

To Him who leads us

(Octavius Winslow, “The Untrodden Path” 1860) “You have not passed this way before.” Joshua 3:4 How solemn is the reflection that with a new cycle of time, commences a new and untrodden path with each traveler to Zion. New events … Continued

The promise itself

(J.R. Miller)  LISTEN to audio!  Download audio “Today you shall be with Me in paradise!” Luke 23:43 This was the second saying of the Savior on the cross. Something touched the heart of one of the robbers–may it not have … Continued