On the road to Zion…


Dear friend,
I am growing, as I should, more base and loathsome in my own sight, and Christ is growing more precious and lovely!

I am very feeble in body, but as well as I should be, and must allow my heavenly Physician to prescribe for me.On the road to Zion

Our years are rolling away fast, and will quickly roll us into eternity! How needful that admonition:Prepare to meet your God!

Without business to mind, my heart will rove in the world–get bemired in it, and stick so fast in a quagmire, that I am forced to cry: Lord, pull my heart out!

Thanks to grace, I have been crawling many years on the road to Zion. Because the Master has somewhat quickened my pace. Now being almost through the wilderness, very sick of self and of the enticing world, I am drawing near to Mount Pisgah. When I stand on its top, may the Lord give me a clear eye of faith to see all the promised land. So I rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

May His presence be ever with you to animate and protect you, and His love to refresh you. Therefore May His own dear self be the growing love and joy of your heart, your strength and confidence, a sweet present portion and your everlasting all.

~  ~  ~  ~

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