When the Comforter comes…He will testify

(Letters of William Romaine, 1714-1795)

When the Comforter comes . . . He will testify about Me.” John 15:26

He shall testify to My person as self-existent Jehovah.

And He shall bear witness to My work as the perfect sin-atoner.

He shall testify of My grace, how free it is, how full it is.

And He shall enable the sinner, however vile in his own eyes – to trust his soul into the hands of Jesus. Having enabled the sinner to do this, then He will testify of Jesus, that He has received him, that he is safe in the arms and may be happy in the enjoyment of Jesus’ love.

Thus He will make the soul enamored with Jesus! There will appear such consummate beauty, such infinite loveliness in His precious person, as will eclipse the glory of ​all others.​ There will appear such true happiness in fellowship with Him, as will quite dethrone all former idols.

And when the foolish heart would depart, the Comforter will not let it. Then will He testify of Jesus, “To whom would you go? Who has eternal life to give, but Him? Turn, turn again to your rest, oh my soul.”When the Comforter comes...He will testify

If the soul is mourning; He will testify of the joy that is in Jesus.

And If the soul is burdened; “Cast the burden.” He says, “on your Lord Jesus.”

If the soul has lost any creature comfort; “Let it go.” He says, “Jesus is still your salvation and your great reward.”

Because If the soul is grieved with indwelling sin; “It is pardoned.” He says, “you are free from the curse of sin.”

Whatever the needs of the believer are, the Spirit’s office is to testify of Jesus: “Jesus is what you need–and you have Him freely.”

The Comforter will keep you by His almighty power, until He brings you to the Heaven of heavens–the sight and enjoyment of dear Jesus, eternally dear and lovely Jesus!

~  ~  ~  ~

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