All that He has and is, is theirs…

(Charles Spurgeon)
I will be their God.” Jeremiah 31:33

Child of God, let me urge you to make use of your God. Make use of him in prayer; I beseech you, go to Him often, because He is your God. He has made Himself over to you, and He has become the property of all His children, so that all that He has, and all that He is, is theirs. O child of God, will you let your treasury lie idle, when you need it? No! go and draw from it by prayer.

Fly to Him, tell Him all your needs. Use Him constantly by faith, at all times.

Oh! I beseech you, if some dark providence has come over you–use your God as a sun, for He is a sun.

If some strong enemy has come out against you–use your God for a shield, for He is a shield to protect you.

If you have lost your way in the mazes of life–use Him for a guide, for the great Jehovah will direct you.

If you are in storms–use Him, for He is the God who stills the raging of the sea, and says unto the waves, “Be still.”

If you are a poor thing, knowing not which way to turn–use Him for a shepherd, for the Lord is your Shepherd, and you shall not want.

Whatever you are, and wherever you are, remember that God is just what you need. I beseech you, then, make use of your God!

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