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(J.R.Miller, In Green Pastures)

“Being in an agony—He prayed,” is the record of our Savior’s Gethsemane experience. The lesson stands for all time. Like a bright lamp, the little sentence shines amid the olive trees of the garden. It shows us the path to comfort in our time of sorrow. Never before or since—was there such grief as the Redeemer’s, that night. But in His prayer, He found comfort. As we watch Him the hour through, we see the agony changing as He prayed, until at last its bitterness was all gone—and sweet, blessed peace took its place. The gate of prayer is always the gate to comfort. There is no other way to consolation.

We may learn also from our Lord’s Gethsemane, how to pray in our Gethsemanes. God will never blame us for asking to have the cup removed, nor for the intensity of our supplication; but we must always pray with submission. It is when we say, in our deepest sorrow and intensity, “Not my will—but may Your will be done,” that comfort comes, that peace comes.

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  1. Chzzr

    Thank you AJ a timely reminder that our Father invites us to come to Him in prayer, and confidence knowing that He blesses us with His peace and His spirit.

    1. aj

      This Truth was especially meaningful for me this week…I needed it as much as anyone! Thanks for writing. aj

  2. CJ

    What a wonderful truth and reminder AJ. We must always remember the responsibility we have to comfort others once we have recognized and received our Fathers comfort. Thank You Lord for giving us peace and knowing that You are always there for us.

    1. aj

      I’ve especially needed this truth with some unforeseen water damage. And, YES, He has provided that comfort through great stress. Thanks for writing! aj

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