He will come to us like the rain…

(James Smith, “Daily Bible Readings for the Lord’s Household”)

“He will come to us like the rain, like the spring showers that water the land.” Hosea 6:3

The Lord’s care of His people is incessant.He will come to us like the rain
No parent was ever so vigilant over a precious and only child.
No gardener was ever so attentive to a delicate and favorite plant.
God visits, He watches, He supplies.
He studies our needs, and provides for each of them.

He says, “I, the LORD, watch over it; I water it continually.” Isaiah 27:3

God’s SUPPLY will be constant — in every season.
It will be suitable — like refreshing moisture to a thirsty plant.
And will be in small portions — as the gently falling rain.
It will be imperceptible — like the morning dews.
Because it is by these divine ‘supplies’ that our graces are kept alive.
If the Lord would cease to water — we would soon wither and die!
Our dependence on Him is absolute!
And Our obligations to His love are infinite!
Let us not imagine that we are not watered, because we do not sensibly feel it. The constancy, and the gentle gradual manner in which we are supplied, render His loving care virtually imperceptible.

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