I take refuge in…

(Mary Winslow, “Life in Jesus”)

When disappointed in the creature, I take
refuge at once in Jesus! I run to Him, and
find Him all my heart could wish!

Lord, how could I live without You?

You are . . .I take refuge in Jesus
my all in all,
and my comfort,
my joy,
and my peace,
my strengthener,
and my home for time and eternity!

~  ~  ~  ~

Something to ponder:
“Dear friend, make God your Confidant. Carry to Him all your needs, disclose to Him all your sorrows, confide to Him all your secrets, confess to Him all your sins. He will do all, soothe all, supply all, and pardon all–for who is a God like Him? He cares for you, His loving heart is towards you, His unslumbering eye is upon you! Oh, how condescendingly kind and gentle is Jesus to poor sinners who feel their need of Him, and are conscious that they can do nothing without Him! You will always meet with a kind welcome from Jesus, come when you may and how you will.” Mary Winslow

I take refuge in Jesus! Lord, how could I live without You? I make God my Confidant and do nothing without Him!

~  ~  ~  ~

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2 responses to “I take refuge in…

  1. AMEN aj….HE is ALL! Thank you for that reminder. When we truly come to that realization in our heart we know that there is nothing in or of this world we have to fear. Fear cannot exist in the same heart as FAITH!

    1. You are sooo correct and well stated…”Fear cannot exist in the same heart as FAITH” I love this statement. Thanks for sharing and putting into a nutshell the Truth of Faith. May it encourage all as we go through some tumultuous times. Thanks for writing! aj

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