Heaven will consist of…

(J.A. James, “The Practical Believer Delineated”)

Heaven will consist of . . .Heaven will consist of...
the moral perfection of the soul,
perfect knowledge,
and perfect holiness,
perfect love,
and perfect likeness to Christ,
perfection of the body in . . .
glory, and
the presence of God in the full manifestation of His glory,
the beatific vision of Christ,
the fellowship of angels and all the redeemed,
the joint worship of the heavenly multitudes,
the perfect service of Christ, without . . .
imperfection, or
complete freedom from . . .

Such is the substance of heavenly felicity. Take any one of them by itself — and each is a Heaven! Add them altogether–and what a Heaven!

How pure! And How elevated! How felicitous!

   ~  ~  ~  ~

The following is from Bonar’s book,
“The Night of Weeping”

“In all our affliction he is afflicted.”

Jesus weeps with us.
He knows our sorrows, for He has passed
through them all, and therefore He feels
for us. He is touched with the feeling of
our griefs as well as of our infirmities.
Even in His glory He enters most fully into
the fellowship of our burdens and sorrow,
whatever these may be, for there is not
one which He did not taste when He “dwelt
among us” here. His is sympathy, deep,
real, and true. It is no fiction, no fancy.
We do not see His tears falling upon us;
neither do we clasp His hand nor feel the
beating of His heart against ours. But still
His communion with us in suffering is a reality.
~  ~  ~  ~

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