Sorrow shall be turned into joy…

(James Smith, “The Pastor’s Evening Visit”)

“Your sorrow shall be turned into joy!” John 16:20

The sorrow of the Christian must be transient. It is like the passing cloud on the summer’s day; or the chill of winter which must give place to the genial warmth of spring.

Beloved, if you now have sorrow — then your sorrow also shall soon be turned into joy; for joy is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart.Sorrow turned into joy!

Heaviness may endure for the night — but joy comes in the morning.

The FOES that disturb your peace — shall be converted or destroyed.

The CLOUDS that obscure your sun — shall soon dissolve in showers of blessing on your favored head.

The hard and weary road between you and your eternal home — will soon be passed! The days of your mourning will be ended, and those who now go forth weeping, bearing precious seed — shall soon return with songs of everlasting joy!

Therefore “Your sorrow shall be turned into joy!” John 16:20

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One of the best evidences that we are truly seeking Heaven, is the possession of hearts that are weaned from this world. Because none will ever enter the Father’s House on high in whose soul the first fruits of heavenly peace and joy does not grow now. He who finds his satisfaction in temporal things is woefully deceived, if he imagines he can enjoy eternal things. He whose joy is all gone when earthly possessions are snatched from him, knows nothing of that peace which “passes all understanding.” A. W. Pink

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  1. PERFECT aj….we as brothers and sisters in Christ need to embrace our Fathers Words of Truth and encouragement. Especially at this time of evil in the world. But our hope is seeing HIS very Word becoming reality right around us…..TYL!!!

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