The freeness of the remedy…

(from Octavius Winslow’s, “Morning Thoughts”

“Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there?”
Jeremiah 8:22

There is!

Because the physician is Jesus, the balm is His own most precious blood.

He binds up the broken heart, He heals the wounded spirit.

All the skill, all the efficacy, all the tenderness
and crucial sympathy needed for the office meet
and center in Him in the highest degree.

Here then, disconsolate soul, bring your wounded heart!

Bring it simply to Jesus.

Because one touch of His hand will heal the wound.

One whisper of His voice will hush the tempest.

And one drop of His blood will remove the guilt.

Nothing but a faith’s application to Him will do for your soul now.

Therefore do not let the freeness of the remedy keep you away.

Because the cost is “without money, and without price.”

It is all of grace!

It is all God’s free gift, irrespective
of any worth or worthiness in man.

The reason why you go to Him is that….
your heart is broken, and that He only can bind it up;
and your spirit is wounded, and that He only can heal it;
your conscience is burdened, and that He only can lighten it.

And that is all you need to recommend you.

It is enough for Christ….the freeness of the remedy
that you really feel a
drawing towards Him, a longing for Him; that you
ask, you seek, you crave, you earnestly implore His
compassion; that is enough for Him.

His heart yearns!

Because His love is moved!

His hand is stretched out!

Come and welcome to Jesus, come!

This is freeness of the remedy

​~  ~  ~  ~

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