out of His fullness I may receive all spiritual blessings!

(James Meikle, May 24, 1757)  LISTEN to audio!  Download a​udio​​ (for full devotional)

All plenitude is in Christ, to answer all the needs of His people. Therefore in Christ dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily, that out of His fullness I may receive all spiritual blessings!…​

Are my days short-lived and full of trouble?
Jesus is my life, the length of my days, and the joy of my heart!​…

Am I traveling through the wilderness?
Christ is my staff, and on Him I lean all the way!

Or Am I on my last journey to my long home?
Jesus is my leader, and my rewarder!​…​

Am I hungry and thirsty?
Therefore Christ is my heavenly manna, and gives me to drink of the water of life!

Or Am I weary?
Jesus is my rest and refreshing!

Am I weak?
Then Christ is my strength!​…

Must I fight in the field of battle?
But Jesus is my armor in the day of war!

Do I sit in darkness?
Christ is my light!

May I have doubts?
Jesus is my counselor!

Am I ignorant?
Christ is my wisdom!

If I Am I guilty,
Jesus is my justification!

Am I filthy?
Jesus is my sanctification!​…​

Or if I Am I poor,
Jesus is the pearl of great price, and has immeasurable riches!​…

Am I in the very utmost necessity?

Christ is a very present help in time of trouble!

And am I exposed to the hurricanes of adversity?
Jesus is . . .out of His fullness I may receive all spiritual blessings!
a refuge from the storm,
and a shelter from the blast,
rivers of water in a desert,
the shadow of a great rock in a weary land!

Therefore am I afraid of being left alone?
Jesus will never leave me, nor forsake me!

Do friends and brethren prove false?
Christ is the friend who sticks closer than a brother!

Am I in danger from disease and death–or from sin and Satan?
My life is hidden with Christ in God! When He shall appear, I shall appear with Him–immortal in my body, and glorious in my soul!

Is my case considered in the court of Heaven?
There Jesus is my Advocate!​…

Do I suffer in my body, and am I grieved in my mind?
Jesus bore my infirmities, and carried my griefs!
Is my mind disquieted, and my soul debarred from peace?

Christ is my sympathetic High Priest! Because He was tempted in all points, and knows how to support those who are tempted!

Am I poor in my circumstances?
Jesus is the heir of all things! Though He was rich, yet for my sake He became poor–that I through His poverty might be made rich!​…

Or Am I bereaved or alone?
Christ in the fatal night was left alone; all the disciples forsook Him and fled. Jesus, my only friend, can never die!

Must I undergo death and be laid in the grave?
Jesus has taken away the sting of death, and robbed the grave of its victory!​…

In summary, Jesus is my Brother, Physician, Prophet, Priest, King, my Father, Head, my Husband. In eternity when I shall dwell in the land of bliss, in the city of God–Jesus will be the light thereof. And since I am to worship there forever, He will be temple of all the redeemed.

My needs are many–but His fullness is infinitely more!

Therefore out of His fullness I may receive all spiritual blessings!

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