I have one request for my children

(“Solitude Sweetened” by James Meikle, 1730-1799)  LISTEN to audio!  Download audio

Now that I am a father and know the affection of a parent . . .
would I not defend from every danger,
and bestow every truly good thing,
or implore every blessing–on my tender children?

Would I not . . .
nourish their infant state,
correct and educate their childhood,
inspect, reprove, and admonish them in youth?

Would I allow the dear little creatures . . .
to play with sharp-pointed knives,
or frolic on the brink of a rapid torrent,
and dance around a pit’s mouth?

In a word, is this the sum of our kindness,

is this the height of our concern for our dear children–to see them happy in time, flourishing in the affairs of this life–though they end up being miserable beyond description through eternity itself? Will their bodily pain excite our sympathy, and will we do all in our power to have their diseases healed–and yet have no concern that their souls pine under sin, and they suffer all the pangs of Hell? Will we not bring them in our prayers to the Physician of souls, to the Savior of sinners?

I have one request for my children, and that is–that they may fear and serve God here, and enjoy him forever! No matter though they sweat for their daily bread–only let them feed on the hidden manna! Let them toil and spin for their apparel–but let them be covered in Christ’s righteousness! How would I count my house renowned, and my family ennobled, if there sprang from it–not wealthy princes or kings,…–but pillars for the temple of God in glory, who shall dwell in the presence of the King of kings–when time is no more!I have one request

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Something to ponder:
“Sirs! Any kind of faith in Christ which does not change your life, is the faith of devils and will take you where the devils are–but will never take you to Heaven!” Spurgeon

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