our truest and best Friend!

(J.R. Miller, “Finding God’s Comfort” 1896)

One writer tells of two birds and how they acted when caught and put into a cage. One, a starling, flew violently against the wire walls of its prison, in unavailing efforts to escape–only battering and bruising its own wings. The other bird, a canary, perched itself on the bar and began to pour forth bursts of sweet song from its little throat. We know which bird was the wiser and happier.

Some people are like the starling–when they are in any trouble, they chafe and fret and complain and give way to wretchedness! The result is, they only hurt themselves, make themselves more miserable, and do not in any sense lessen their trouble.

It is wiser always, as well as more pleasing to God, for us to bear our trials patiently, singing songs of faith and love–rather than crying out in rebellion and discontent.

Job wanted to get near to God in his great trouble. He cried, “Oh that I knew where I might find Him!” He felt sure that that would be the best and safest place for him to be.Our truest and best Friend!


We ought not to lose this lesson. When trouble is upon us–the true thing for us to do, is to flee to God! Some people, in their affliction and sorrow–flee away from God. Thus they lose their joy and peace, missing the comfort which they would get if only they kept near to Him. The right way to respond, is to try to find the way to God’s very presence. He is the only safe refuge, when the storms of trouble break upon us. The first thing always, in any time of trouble–is to find God and hide away in His bosom, as a child runs to the mother in alarm, or as the little bird flies to its nest. To find God–is to be safe!

Our truest and best ​F​riend! God–we need never fear to go to Him. He gives heed unto our cries. He loves us. All His omnipotence is on our side. No mother’s heart was ever so full of love for her child–as is the heart of God for us, His children!

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