our dearest and best Friend

(Mary Winslow, “Words of Loving Counsel and Sympathy”)

“From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another!” John 1:16

What could we do in this wilderness world, beset with manifold temptations and trials within and without — had we not a God to go to — Jesus, an ever-present Help in times of trouble? He is our Helper in little matters, as in great ones. No one on earth, however dear, can take His place. We need Him as our Counselor and Guide, our Protector and Deliverer. How needful, then, and how sweet — to be ever sitting at His feet, looking up and meeting His loving eye, as it looks down upon us. Let us allow no distance between us and our dearest and best Friend.

Jesus indeed is very precious. Everything else sinks into its native nothingness when compared with Him….
All is given freely and fully. We come needy and helpless — and receive all from Him. to such as we are!

​~  ~  ~  ~​

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