If we have God

(J.R. Miller, “Losses” 1880)  

“God Himself has said: Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5

This truth ought to bring unspeakable comfort to God’s children, who are called to suffer earthly losses. Because if they have GOD left to them, no other loss is irreparable!

A wealthy man came home one evening with a heavy heart, and said that he had lost everything. Bankruptcy had overtaken him. “We are utterly beggared!” he said. “All is gone; there is nothing left! We must leave our home, and beg for tomorrow’s bread!” Then his little five-year-old daughter crept upon his knee, and, looking earnestly into his despairing face, said, “Why, papa, you have mamma and me left!

Just so, what are temporal and worldly losses of the sorest kind–while God remains? Yes, what is the loss of money, houses, costly furniture, and other possessions–while God’s love remains? Therefore there is surely enough in Him, to compensate a thousand times for every earthly loss!If we have God

Therefore our lives may be stripped bare: home, friends, riches, comforts–gone; every sweet voice of love, every note of joy–silenced; and we may be driven out from brightness, tenderness and shelter–into the cold ways of sorrow! But If we have God left–ought not this to suffice? Is God not infinitely more than all His gifts? If we have ​God can we really need anything else?

Therefore The Lord is my Shepherd–I have everything I need! Psalm 23:1
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