Six reasons

“Six Reasons For Being TRIUMPHANTLY HAPPY”
by John DickieOh, how triumphantly happy might we always be,
if we were to live under the felt power of the
following truths which we profess to believe:


1st, That God is love; pure love, infinite,
eternal, and unchangeable love, and that all
that He does is done in perfect love.


2nd, That God has infinite wisdom; He never makes
mistakes; and He always does only what is
good, always does what is the one very best thing.


3rd, That God is Almighty, that He meets no difficulties in
carrying out His purposes of wisdom and love; and no one
can resist His might (Job 42:1, 2).


4th, His Providence is His Almighty power acting under
the direction of His unerring wisdom and His infinite love; and
that this providence of His is arranging and disposing of every
circumstance of our lot- every one- down to the number of our
hairs (Matt. 10:30). Not a sparrow falls without Him.


5th, That this wonderful Being is, in Christ Jesus, MY OWN
FATHER, and has made me His dearly beloved child; that He has
forgiven me all my sins, fully, freely, and forever; that all
His immensity of love, and wisdom, and power, are being exercised
about me with all my concerns every moment; and He has
put away everything once separating Him from me so
completely as if there had never been any separation.


And 6th, That this great God, my Father who thus cares for me,
and has engaged to provide for me, has strictly forbidden me to
be anxiously careful about myself (1 Peter 5:7; Phil. 4:6; Matt.
6:25). He bids me, if I love Him, to show my love, by trusting
Him that He will do everything which He promises to do.
Oh, how we might honor God, and enjoy His faithful love
if we only believed, BELIEVED, truly BELIEVED these plain and

undeniable truths​.​..the six reasons for being triumphantly happy.
​~  ~  ~  ~​

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