Committing our lives day by day

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The goal of living in this world
, is ever to grow into more and more radiant and lovely Christ-like character–whatever our conditions or experiences may be.

We cannot escape temptations, but we are so to meet them and pass through them, as not to be hurt by them. And then we come out of them with new strength and new radiancy of soul.

And we will not escape trials and difficulties, however, we are to live victoriously, never defeated, always overcoming.

We cannot find a path in which no sorrow shall come into our lives–but we are to live through the experience of sorrow, without being hurt by it.Committing our lives day by day



Many people receive harm from the fires which pass over them and fall in temptation, lie in dust and defeat, not rising again. And many are soured and embittered by the difficulties, the irritations, the frictions, the cares of life. The problem of Christian living is to keep a sweet Christ-like spirit amid all that might embitter us. And we then pass through the fires, and not have the flames kindle upon us.

We live in the midst of the countless dangers through which we must pass in this world. Because danger lurks in every shadow and hides in every patch of sunshine. There are tempters all around us. But only by committing our lives day by day into the hands of Christ, can we be kept in safety amid the perils of this world. He is able to keep us from falling and to guard us from stumbling. Then He sets us before His presence without blemish, in exceeding joy!
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