He carries His people

(J.R. Miller, “Daily Bible Readings in the Life of Christ” 1890)

“He took a little child and had him stand among them. Taking him in His arms,” Mark 9:36

This picture of “Jesus with the little one in His arms” is very beautiful. In all the Bible there is scarcely another picture which so well represents the attitude both of the soul and of the Savior — in salvation, and in all Christian life.

Jesus takes the child in His arms
— there is love, tenderness and protection.

The bosom is the place of warmth, of affection, of intimacy, of confidence.

The encircling arms — imply safety, support and shelter.

Jesus lifted the child and held it in His arms. Just so He carries His people through a wilderness world! He does not merely tell them what path to travel — but He takes them on His shoulders, carrying not only their burdens — but themselves! Thus He bears them on through life and through death — to Heaven, where they shall forever be with Him!He carries His people

Then look at the picture the other way — the child in the Savior’s arms. The child’s attitude speaks of trust, confidence, repose, peace, love, joy — just the feelings which belong to the true Christian. What a place the bosom of Christ is — in danger, in storm, in sorrow, in death! Shall we not likewise learn — to nestle in our Savior’s arms in all our troublesome experiences?

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Something to ponder:

Charles Spurgeon: “It is most important for us to learn that the smallest trifles are as much arranged by the God of Providence, as the most momentous events! He who counts the stars has also numbered the hairs of our heads. Our lives and deaths are predestined–but so, also, are our sitting down and our rising up.”

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