They are without fault

(Maria Sandberg, “Glimpses of Heaven!” 1880)

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“These are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever He goes.
These were redeemed from among men . . .
they are without fault before the throne of God!” Revelation 14:5

To the believer burdened with inward conflict and struggling against the sin which dwells in him; what a blessed glimpse of Heaven is this! Free from sin–how delightful! What can convey a picture of greater happiness? A joyful multitude without fault before the throne of God! This is the bliss for which he sighs; the end which he purposes through grace to attain. Even now, he is striving after it; striving daily to be without fault. But as he grows in self-knowledge, he sees more and more the many faults and failings into which he falls, and he would sink in despair, and give up the conflict–but for the hope of final victory in HeavenThey are without fault.

“They are without fault before the throne of God!” But remember, you must persevere in your way to it. You must hate every sin, and wrestle and strive for perfect holiness. This alone is the way of preparation for the heavenly bliss to which you aspire.

Aim at perfect holiness, long after it, pray for it;

though you do not attain it fully here on earth. Yes, you will feel that you are on your way to the mansions of holiness! And the thought that when you arrive there, you shall be without fault–will strengthen and serve you for the battle. The hope of final triumph and success will encourage you. The certainty of victory will cheer your heart. The assurance of your being forever without fault before the throne of God will be to you a foretaste of eternal happiness!

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you!” Song of Songs 4:7

“I have a home above,
From sin and sorrow free;
A mansion which eternal love
Designed and formed for me!

 My Father’s gracious hand
Has built this sweet abode;
From everlasting it was planned,
My dwelling-place with God!

 My Savior’s precious blood
Has made my title sure;
He passed through death’s dark raging flood,
To make my rest secure!

 The Comforter has come,
The earnest has been given;
He leads me onward to the home
Reserved for me in Heaven.

 Your love, O precious Lord,
My joy and strength shall be;
Til You shall speak the gladdening word
That bids me rise to Thee!

 And then through endless days,
Where all Your glories shine;
In happier, holier strains, I’ll praise
The grace that made me Thine!” Henry Bennett

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