If Jehovah is your God

(James Smith, “The Believer’s Companion in Seasons of Affliction and Trouble” 1842)

I will be their God — and they will be My people!” Hebrews 8:10

So has Jehovah purposed in reference to all the chosen of His love! In this gracious and holy purpose, is wrapped up all present and future blessedness. He who has God to be his God — cannot lack any good thing; but he who has not God for his God — lacks everything really and truly good.

If Jehovah is your God — then all His glorious perfections are engaged and employed for your welfare:
His mercy will supply all your needs;
And His power will conquer all your foes;
His wisdom will direct your way;
And His faithfulness will answer your prayers;
His justice will maintain your cause; and
therefore His infinite love and grace will be displayed in all His dealings with you!

If Jehovah is your God, then . . .

His promises are your heritage,If Jehovah is your God
precepts are your rule,
His doctrines are your present paradise,
and His Son is your Savior and King,
His Spirit s your Sanctifier and Tutor,
and He Himself is your everlasting portion!

If God is your God, then He will freely confer on you all good things at present — and crown you at last with everlasting glory. He will…
guide you continually,
chasten you occasionally,
receive you graciously,
and bless you indeed!

If God is your God, then all things are yours; things present, things to come; life, death, the world — all are yours!


If God is your God, then all the resources of eternity and all the treasures of time — will, if necessary, be employed in your spiritual and eternal benefit. This is the highest point of blessedness and honor — and this honor have all His saints.

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