He is God with us

(Octavius Winslow, “The Divine Attributes Entwining
Around the Tempted and Trembling Believer”)

Reader, are you a child of sorrow?

Jesus is with His people at all times, in all places,
and under all circumstances. Consoling thought!

He is “God with us.” He is with us . . .He is God with us
to comfort us in the hour of sorrow,
enlighten us in the hour of darkness,
guide us in the hour of doubt and perplexity,
deliver us in the time of conflict,
and support us in the hour of death.

O for faith to realize this!

He was with His three faithful servants in the fiery furnace.
And He was with Daniel in the lions’ den.
He was with Jacob in his wrestlings at Bethel.
And He was with John in his exile at Patmos.

Jesus is, at all times, in all places, and under
all circumstances–with His dear people.

Perhaps you are a son or a daughter of affliction.
You may now be passing through the furnace;
you may now be draining adversity’s bitter cup.

Still is your omnipresent Jesus with you!

Do not be cast down!  …this cup of suffering is but
to work your inward good; these painful dispensations,
by which you are learning the changeableness of every
thing earthly, are but to wean you from a poor,
unsatisfying world–and to draw you near and yet
nearer to Jesus.

Then be of good cheer, for He has promised never
to leave or forsake you. So that you may boldly say,
“The Lord is my helper!”

~  ~  ~  ~

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