The paths of the Lord

(“Every Day!” Author unknown, 1872)

All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth, unto those who keep His covenant and His testimonies.” Psalm 25:10

The Lord’s faithful ones keep His covenant–for He is their keeper. They keep His testimonies–for He puts His laws into their minds and writes them upon their hearts.

By “the paths of the Lord“–we may understand the different ways He takes in His dealings with His people. Observe that “all” of them are declared to be mercy and truth towards them.

While, commonly, the Lord comes to His people in the way of refreshment and comfort–He sometimes approaches them in clouds and darkness, and in storms of trial. By whatever way He comes–it is in faithfulness and love.

But His people do not always see this, and at times their faith may be sharply tried to believe it–but it is nevertheless true.The paths of the Lord

Though the Lord’s dispensations change–He does not change.

He is good when He gives–and He is equally good when He denies.

Because He is faithful when He comforts–and He is just as faithful when He allows trials to continue.

He is Love when He cheers–and He is Love when He allows sadness.

Believer, seek grace to trust in the Lord at all times and to bless Him for crosses as well as for comforts.

“When you can’t trace His hand–trust His heart!”

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