To know God

(edited from Thomas Reade’s, “Divine Sovereignty“)

There is something peculiarly soothing to the
heart of a pious Christian; to know that He who
rules over all worlds, in whose hands are the
destinies of nations, and who guides the
minutest concerns of families and individuals,
is his Father and his Friend.

The more we know of God, of His power, wisdom,
love, faithfulness, and truth; the more we shall
bow before His throne in humble adoration, and
filial confidence and love.

To know God in Christ; to know him as our God; is To know God
to possess all the sources and secrets of true peace,
in the midst of surrounding storms and tempests

This knowledge will raise us above the agitated
elements of the world, and place us in that pure
region where the soul can breathe more freely,
and expand her powers more fully.

Faith views with admiration the perfections of Jehovah.

Hope rests the fulfillment of her expectations on these perfections.

Love delights in them, and gradually assimilates the soul to them.

Patience calmly waits, under every changing
dispensation, for that abundant harvest of rich blessings,
which the God of truth has promised, and which His
faithfulness will perform.

Cast your care upon Him who cares for you; and, under
every trying event, be still, and know that He is God.

~  ~  ~  ~

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