To sanctify is to separate

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“God has chosen you to salvation, through sanctification of the Spirit.” 2 Thessalonians 2:13

To sanctify, is to separate and set apart for holy purposes and holy uses. The Lord has separated His people, by choosing them in Christ to be holy; and He sanctifies them now for Himself, by the power, operation, and indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

In sanctification, a work is commenced which is to make us exactly like Christ. A sanctified person has . . .
his heart changed,
and his will renewed,
his understanding enlightened,
conscience purified, and
his affections spiritualized.

Sanctification extends to the whole man, soul and body; and is carried on through . . .To sanctify is to separate
the Word,
the ordinances, and
the providence of God.

Sanctification has its seat in the heart; but it regulates the whole man, and appears in his conduct in every-day life. If a man experiences the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, then . . .
sin grieves him,
Satan tries him,
the world troubles him,
and Heaven attracts him!

Spirit of Jesus, sanctify us deeply, thoroughly–that we may be just like Jesus! Sanctify us . . .
by every trial,
every affliction,
privilege, and

by every comfort!

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Something to ponder
“The best interpreter of a book is the one who wrote it. The Holy Spirit wrote the Scriptures. Go to Him to get their meaning, and you will not be misled.”Charles Spurgeon
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Let us praise God for common mercies, for they prove to be uncommonly precious–when they are once taken away! (Charles Spurgeon)

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