Trust in His power

(edited from Octavius Winslow’s “Hoping in the Lord”)

How sweet and assuring is the trust of a
child in a parent’s love, care, and protection.

Such a Father is ours!

We may trust in His forgiveness,
to cancel our greatest sins.

We may trust in His wisdom,
to guide our most intricate perplexity.

We may trust in His power,Trust in His power
to raise up from the lowest depth.

We may trust in His love,
to soothe our profoundest grief.

We may trust in His resources,
to supply our every need.

Let your condition be ever so extreme;
human friendship disappointing you, earthly
supplies failing you, human sympathy refused
you, and dark despair enthroned grimly and
coldly upon your heart; there yet is hope in God!

Never was He so near as at this moment,
when human help is far; never so loving,
and compassionate, as now, when human
love has failed!

Such a Father is ours!

Trust in His power!

~  ~  ~  ~

Something to ponder:
“Dear friend, make God your Confidant. Carry to Him all your needs, disclose to Him all your sorrows, confide to Him all your secrets, confess to Him all your sins. He will do all, soothe all, supply all, and pardon all–for who is a God like Him? He cares for you, His loving heart is towards you, His un-slumbering eye is upon you! Oh, how condescendingly kind and gentle is Jesus to poor sinners who feel their need of Him, and are conscious that they can do nothing without Him! You will always meet with a kind welcome from Jesus, come when you may and how you will.”
 Mary Winslow

~  ~  ~  ~

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