God will visit

(James Smith, 1860)

“…God shall surely visit you, and bring you out of this land, unto the land which He swore to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob.” Genesis 50:24

“God shall surely visit you.” When I can visit my beloved Christian friends no more — God will. He visits all of His children, walking in the midst of the golden candlesticks. When His people meet — He meets with them, whether in public assemblies, or in the social circle.
His church is His garden, in which He takes His pleasant walks.
It is His city, in which He loves to dwell.
It is His family, with which He feels at home.

He visits every individual Christian also.

To babes — He shows tender care, and nurse-like kindness.

And to young men — He imparts strength and courage.

To fathers — He opens his heart, and shows them the depths of His infinite love.

And to afflicted — He manifests sympathyTo the tempted — He affords support.

To the poor — He brings supplies.

He visits His children . . .
in the prayer-closet,
at the family altar, and
in the house of prayer.

And He visits them as they sit around His table, and sing His praise;

in the valley of trouble — where they sigh and weep;

when oppressed — to support and set them free;

in sickness — to comfort and make their bed;

when they backslide — to restore them;

and in the valley of the shadow of death — to conduct them safely through.

The Lord has visited me at times in the past — and, blessed be His name, He will surely visit me in the future. He will visit . . .
to sweeten every bitter cup,
sanctify every trying dispensation, and
to enable me patiently to bear every cross.

Because God will visit, to bring me up out of this land — this land of trial and tribulation, this land of sins and sorrows. His last visit will be the sweetest, as introductory to His eternal presence and glory!God will visit

Therefore Blessed, forever blessed, be His holy name . . .
for every visit He has paid me,
every loving look He has given to me,
sweet word He has spoken to me, and
for every blessing He has conferred upon me!

And now, O Lord, visit me often, stay with me long — and manifest Yourself to me more fully, and more gloriously than you have ever done! Especially visit me when on the bed of sickness, and in the hour of death… Then, then let me hear the voice of mercy saying, “God shall surely visit you, and bring you out of this land!”

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