The object of his trust

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Paul desired seven things especially–and they all referred to Christ, and they are all named in his epistle to the Philippians; and I propose to glance at them. Let us compare our desires with his as we go on, and may the Holy Spirit bless our brief meditation on the subject.

First, he says, “that I may KNOW Him!” (Philippians 3:10.) Christ had appeared to Paul; he was revealed in him, and was constantly preached by him. Christ was . . .
the object of his trust,
the subject of his ministry,
and the joy of his heart!

But he knew that there was much in Christ with which he was unacquainted.
He knew but in part. He desired, therefore, to know more of . . .
the glory of His person, The object of his trust
the riches of His grace,
the magnificence of His work,
the excellency of His natures,
the majesty of His kingdom!

Because Everything in Christ interested Paul.

Creation was good, and grace was better.
But Christ was best of all. He was never wearied . . .
of thinking of Christ,
speaking of Christ,
learning of Christ.
Therefore he went on with his work–he went on his way with the desire constantly rising in his heart, “That I may know Him!

Beloved, how is it with you? Do you sympathize with Paul in this desire of his heart?
Is it your daily wish, ardent desire, and constant aim–to know more of Jesus?

Because Throughout eternity we shall be learning Christ!
He is the lesson placed before us in the church on earth,
and He is the lesson placed before the church in Heaven.
Time is given us to learn Christ.
And blessed be God–eternity will be given to us to learn even more of Christ!


Therefore Nothing endears eternity to me like this—it will be spent in learning, enjoying, and honoring Christ!

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