I am coming soon!

(J. C. Ryle)

“At that time men will see the Son of Man coming
in clouds with great power and glory!” Mark 13:26

The second coming of Christ shall be utterly unlike the first. I am coming soon!

Because He came the first time . . .
in weakness,
a tender infant,
born of a poor woman in the manger at Bethlehem,
and scarcely known.

But He shall come the second time in royal dignity,
with the armies of heaven around Him, to be known,
recognized and feared, by all the tribes of the earth!

Because He came the first time to suffer . . .
to bear our sins,
and to be reckoned a curse,
to be despised, rejected, unjustly condemned and slain.

But He shall come the second time . . .
to put down every enemy beneath His feet,
and to take the kingdom of this world for His inheritance,
to rule them with righteousness,
and to judge all men and
to reign forevermore!

How vast the difference! How mighty the contrast!

Behold, I am coming soon!” Revelation 22:12

​~  ~  ~  ~​
“Every text prayed over opens a mine of ‘unsearchable riches,’ with a light from above, more clear and full than the most intelligent exposition.” (Charles Bridges)

“There should be a definite asking Him to graciously anoint our eyes–not only that we may be enabled to behold wondrous things in His law, but also that He will make us of quick discernment to perceive how the passage before us applies to ourselves–what are the particular lessons we need to learn from it. Therefore The more we cultivate this habit, the more likely that God will be pleased to open His Word unto us.” (Arthur Pink)
~  ~  ~  ~

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