A sure and present help!

(Henry Law, “Leviticus“)

Christ is a sure and present help.

Trials thicken; temptations threaten; and
afflictions run strong.

But take comfort. He is with you with  . . .A sure and present help
an arm of power;
heart of tenderness;
and a voice of love.

In deepest billows, He will hold you up. And the
last wave will waft you safely to Canaan’s shore.
Thick blows may batter, but will not beat down.
The last blow breaks the gates of flesh, and sets
your happy spirit free.

Reader, there is no need in life; in death; in
present or in future days; for which Christ is
not an all sufficient support.

Behold Him! He is . . .
life for the dead,
sight for the blind,
feet for the lame,
strength for the weak,
joy for the sad,
cleansing for the filthy,
freedom for the bound,
clothing for the naked,
purity for the unclean,
redemption for the captive;
a God within to cheer,
who is above to bless,
a God who came in flesh to die,
and who reigns in power to help,
a God who comes in glory to receive.

Bring me your misery, and I will
show you its relief in Christ.

He loves, as God.

aids, as God.

He saves, as God.

All fullness is in Christ for His beloved flock.

A sure and present help, and an all sufficient support!
~  ~  ~  ~

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