Oh for more grace!

(James Smith’s autobiography, “Marvelous Mercy!” 1862)  LISTEN to Audio!  Download Audio

[The following is an excerpt from the diary of James Smith]

June 29, 1857.
Through this month, I have been much employed in preaching the Word, and endeavoring to spread the fame of Jesus. O to exalt His dear name more and more!

I have been much tried by the instability of some from whom I expected better things. One thing is certain: the Lord will overrule all for His own glory, and the good of His cause. O to look away from the creature, to the Lord Jesus Christ alone!

May I seek all my happiness in Christ, and all my supplies from Christ. May I . . .
look to Him,
lean on Him,
and walk with Him–
all through the journey of life! Then, when my journey ends, may I pass the Jordan under a sense of His love, and enter into the promised land!
Oh for more grace!
O for more grace!
For more conformity to Jesus!
More fellowship with Jesus!

I find more and more, that it does not do to look to creatures at all. I must . . .
look to Christ,
expect from Christ, and
seek in all things to honor Christ.
May I labor for Christ alone, and expect my reward from His blessed hands.

As Jesus lived for me–so I would live for Him!
And As Jesus suffered for me–so I would suffer for Him!
As Jesus died for me–so I am willing to die for Him, if He required it at my hands.

“For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain!” Philippians 1:21
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