There remains a rest

There remains, then, a rest for the people of God.
Hebrews 4:9.

Not yet come to the heavenly rest, we still There remains a rest
are approaching it, and, oh ecstatic thought!
We shall reach it at last!

Are you bereaved? Weep not! Earth has one
tie the less, and heaven has one tie more!

Are you impoverished of earthly substance? Grieve
not! Your imperishable treasure is in heaven!

Are you sailing over dark and stormy waters? Fear
not! The rising flood but lifts your ark the higher and
nearer the mount of perfect safety and endless rest!

Are you battling with disease, conscious that life is
ebbing and eternity is nearing? Tremble not! There
is light and music in your lonely and shaded chamber;
the dawn and the chimings of your heavenly home!

I am going home! Transporting thought! True, I leave
an earthly one, all so sweet and attractive, but I exchange
it for a heavenly one infinitely brighter, more sacred and
precious. I am going to Jesus! To the Church Triumphant!
to Apostles, Prophets, and Martyrs! And to my dear saved ones
who line the shore on the other side, prepared to welcome
me there. Death, from which I have so often recoiled, is but
the triumphal arch through which I pass into ‘my Father’s
house.’ Oh, how bright a risen Christ has made it!”

There remains, then, a rest for the people of God.

~  ~  ~  ~

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