The Lord is your keeper.

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“The Lord is your keeper.” Psalm 121:5

“He shall preserve your soul” Psalm 121:7

The Lord is your keeper. What being in creation needs such close and constant keeping, as a Christian. If God was not our keeper, we would never arrive safely in Heaven!
Our foes are so powerful, The Lord is your keeper.
our spiritual maladies so numerous,
our dangers so great,
our depravity so deep!

O to keep this fact daily before the mind, that we may evermore cry unto the Lord to keep us! He has promised to do so, but He will have us plead with Him, and daily cry unto Him.

We are never out of danger, while we are out of Heaven!

If we are healthy this morning, we may be diseased before night.

If we are sound in the faith today, we may be led away by some pernicious error tomorrow.

If we are walking at liberty now, we may be entangled with the yoke of bondage before long.

How kind, how gracious then, for our Lord to undertake to keep us, and to promise to preserve our souls.

Let us therefore, this day, feel . . .
that we are in danger,
that we need an omnipotent preserver,
that the Lord preserves through fellowship with Himself,
and let us endeavor to walk closely with God.

“Hold me up, and I shall be safe!” Psalm 119:117

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