He alone can enlighten us

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Do you understand what you read?” Acts 8:30

We would be better teachers of others, and less liable to be carried about by every wind of doctrine–if we sought to have a more intelligent understanding of the Word of God. As the Holy Spirit, the Author of the Scriptures, is He who alone can enlighten us rightly to understand them. Because We should constantly ask His teaching and His guidance into all truth. He alone can enlighten us

When the prophet Daniel would interpret Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, what did he do? He set himself to earnest prayer that God would open up the vision. The apostle John, in his vision at Patmos, saw a book sealed with seven seals which none was found worthy to open. The book was afterwards opened by the Lion of the tribe of Judah. But it is written first, “I wept much.” The tears of John, which were his liquid prayers, were, the sacred keys by which the sealed book was opened!

Therefore, if, for your own and others’ profiting, you desire to be “filled with the knowledge of God’s will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding,” then remember that prayer is your best means of study

Like Daniel, you shall understand the dream, and the interpretation thereof–when you have sought unto God.

And like John, you shall see the seven seals of precious truth unloosed–after you have wept much.

Stones are not broken, except by an earnest use of the hammer. Because the stone-breaker must go down on his knees. Use the hammer of diligence, and let the knee of prayer be exercised. There is not a stony doctrine in Scripture, which is useful for you to understand, which will not fly into shivers under the exercise of prayer and faith! You may force your way through anything–with the chisel of prayer. Prayer is the crowbar which forces open the iron chest of sacred mystery, that we may get the treasure hidden within! So shall you grow healthy, strong, and happy in the divine life!

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